Enchanted Empath Community
Enchanted Empath Community

Master Your Gifts of Intuition, Healing & Manifesting

Your sacred space to embrace & develop your empathic gifts through live workshops and community!

Who would you be if...

You stopped second-guessing your thoughts and feelings and trusted them?
You knew other people's motives and intentions?

You could access the best guidance and information for ALL your questions?
You could alleviate yourself of anxiety, depression, and overwhelm?

You became your own hero?

What is Enchanted Empath Community?

Enchanted Empath Community is a safe place for you to embrace your sensitive nature, live from your heart, and become your magical, divine self!

When you become a member, you'll deepen your spiritual journey with live weekly workshops and a supportive community. Everything you learn will strengthen your connection to Spirit, your amazing higher self, and your intuitive gifts.

Say goodbye to feeling stuck, anxious, and overwhelmed, and say hello to clarity, alignment, and confidence no matter what (or who) is happening around you! 

Together, we'll explore the land of Infinite Possibilities!

You can expect to...

  • Shift fear and anxiety to peace of mind
  • Trust your feelings and emotions implicitly
  • Observe (not absorb) the energy of people, places, and things
  • Create new habits and helpful practices 
  • Transform self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Heal yourself, your pets and others 
  • Experience emotional freedom
  • Develop trusting relationships 
  • Let your intuition be your most powerful guide
  • Experience self-love & self-compassion like never before!

Intuitive Empath Training

Every month, you'll take a deep dive into your natural gifts as an empath with weekly workshops dedicated to fully exploring fun and interesting topics. Empaths are the healers, helpers, and creatives of the world, and with just a little coaching, your amazing gifts will fully bloom! 

These are just a few of the topics you'll explore...

Tools of Intuition

Using Tools of Intuition and practicing heart-centered living will give you a framework for developing your gifts and help reveal your natural intuitive strengths. You'll have so much fun exploring and putting to practice the many tools of intuition including:

  • The Tarot and other Oracle cards
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Feng Shui (energy alignment for your home)
  • The 7 Chakras (energy alignment for your body)
  • The Art of Manifesting (self-reliance super tool)
  • Intuition & Imagination
  • Affirmations and Mantras
  • Journaling, Channeling, and Automatic Writing
  • Reiki & Energy Healing
  • Empath Protection & Self Care

Why This Works

Tony Robbins said it best, "Energy flows where attention goes." With consistent practice and community support, you can achieve anything! This gentle community creates the perfect space for continuous self-awareness, exploration, and growth.


Become your best, magical, intuitive self with Charlene by your side, a seasoned professional Intuitive Empath, Healer, and Coach who wants to see you flourish!

  • Access live and recorded workshops and courses to elevate every part of your life.
  • Get face-to-face coaching every week for self-development and growth.
  • Transform your relationships with your family, friends, and most of all - yourself.


You'll be embraced by a community of warm and welcoming individuals, seekers, and magic-makers, who can’t wait to support you on your sacred journey of growth and self-exploration!

Plus, being part of this community is the most effective way for you to get results you can't get on your own. Enchanted Empath Community is heart-centered, supportive, and excited about experiencing real-life transformation!

  • A community is the best way to learn.
  • A community is the best way to build new practices.
  • A community is the best way to navigate a rapidly changing world.
  • A community is the best way to persist through challenges.


With monthly themes, weekly workshops, and daily activities going on, you can't help but master your intuition! All you have to do is show up. 

  • Meet with the community LIVE every week. 
  • Create helpful, life-long practices along with the community.
  • Allow your highest potential by intentionally caring for yourself every day.

Client Results

This helped me so much, it was exactly what I needed at this time. One of the other courses I have been taking for 8 weeks (and my 3rd time taking it) does a lot of breathing exercises but it has never come close to bringing me the calm that you have brought. It made me so happy when you popped up on my screen everyday, just seeing your face brought such peace. - Debbie P., San Francisco

I have had three sessions in ten weeks with Charlene.  Her gentle and positive explanation of how we got to where we are and how to realign ourselves to whatever our heart’s desire is has catapulted my life in an incredible new direction. Her accuracy in identifying my best and less desirable habits has given me the confidence to continue coaching and life exploration meetings with her. TR., Monterey, CA

She is absolutely amazing!!! I called her for a reading for my birthday, and I have never had a read be so dead-on. I only said my name and birthday, and she began the reading. Without me saying anything or answering ANY questions, she started to tell me everything about what’s happening in my life right now. She was able to accurately describe the character traits of everyone involved, and described my personality to a tee. After five minutes of talking to her, I got goosebumps. I’ve never spoken to anyone more “plugged in” before in my entire life. She is so amazing!! If you need guidance, she’s the one to go to!! Molly W., Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

Enchanted Empath Member Perks

There are so many benefits to being a member and we're just getting started! As a member, you can look forward to...

  • Daily Inspiration & Support
  • Weekly LIVE Workshops* 
  • Full Moon Group Readings
  • Live & Recorded Guided Meditations
  • Monthly Guest Teachers
  • Moon rituals, special events, life-changing challenges, and other seasonal surprises!

*All LIVE workshops are recorded, so you can access them 24/7.

Exclusive Member Perks

Member Discounts on Readings

For the life of your membership, enjoy 25% off all private readings... including Tarot Readings and Intuitive Readings.

The perks and benefits of being a member of Enchanted Empath Community are endless, really. Join in the magic and see for yourself! I'll see you inside. 

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Your rate is locked in forever. You will never be charged more, even as more content is added and rates go up for new members!

Enchanted Empath Community is here for you and was created with affordability in mind so that more people can participate in developing their amazing intuitive gifts consistently. However, if you don't fall in love, you can cancel your membership at any time. No questions asked.

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