Tap into your inner brilliance & manifest miracles!

Superconscious transformation through meditation, workshops and community

What will you create in your life? The choices are limitless and so are you! Manifest more love, financial prosperity, inner peace, and amazing health!

April - 
21 Day Psychic Cleanse
May -
Chakras & Energy Management
June - Alternate Energy Healing Modalities (Reiki, EFT & more)

What is Enchanted Empath Community?

Enchanted Empath Community is your safe place to embrace your sensitive, empathic nature and live from your heart. With live, weekly workshops and meditations, you will connect with your true self, develop your gifts of intuition, healing, and manifesting while living your best, intentional life!

Say goodbye to feeling stuck, anxious, and overwhelmed, and say hello to clarity, alignment, and confidence no matter what is happening around you! 

You can expect to...

  • Transform fear and anxiety to peace of mind
  • Create sustainable financial, emotional, and physical health
  • Transform toxic, self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Feel empowered and on-purpose
  • Experience emotional freedom and psychic liberation
  • Speak up for what you want - and manifest those things
  • Let your intuition be your most powerful guide
  • Connect with your spirit helpers for guidance
  • Experience self-love & self-compassion like never before!

Continuous Coaching

Every season, you will take a deep dive into your natural gifts as an Empath with weekly workshops dedicated to fully exploring each topic. I believe Empaths are the healers and helpers of the world, and with a little training, your amazing gifts will fully bloom! 

Why This Works

Tony Robbins said it best, "Energy flows where attention goes." With consistent practice, you can achieve anything! This gentle community creates a space conducive to continuous self-healing, exploration, and growth. 


Become your best, magical self with Charlene by your side, a professional Intuitive Empath and Soul Coach.

  • Access workshops and meditations to elevate every part of your life.
  • Get face-to-face coaching every week for self-awareness and growth.
  • Transform your relationships with your family, friends, and most of all - yourself.


Enchanted Empath Community is intended to be a global network of support, friendship, and service. 

  • Meet other sensitive souls who are just as passionate about self-growth as you are. 
  • Attend LIVE workshops and LIVE meditations with fellow members. 
  • Join a kind and compassionate community that will support your journey.


Charlene's in-depth workshops provide weekly guidance, self-healing, and soul care.

  • Meet with Charlene LIVE every week. 
  • Create a dedicated meditation practice along with the community.
  • Allow your highest potential by intentionally caring for yourself every day.

Client Results

This helped me so much, it was exactly what I needed at this time. One of the other courses I have been taking for 8 weeks (and my 3rd time taking it) does a lot of breathing exercises but it has never come close to bringing me the calm that you have brought. It made me so happy when you popped up on my screen everyday, just seeing your face brought such peace. - Debbie P., San Francisco

I have had three sessions in ten weeks with Charlene.  Her gentle and positive explanation of how we got to where we are and how to realign ourselves to whatever our heart’s desire is has catapulted my life in an incredible new direction. Her accuracy in identifying my best and less desirable habits has given me the confidence to continue coaching and life exploration meetings with her. TR., Monterey, CA

She is absolutely amazing!!! I called her for a reading for my birthday, and I have never had a read be so dead-on. I only said my name and birthday, and she began the reading. Without me saying anything or answering ANY questions, she started to tell me everything about what’s happening in my life right now. She was able to accurately describe the character traits of everyone involved, and described my personality to a tee. After five minutes of talking to her, I got goosebumps. I’ve never spoken to anyone more “plugged in” before in my entire life. She is so amazing!! If you need guidance, she’s the one to go to!! Molly W., Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

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Enchanted Empath Community Offerings

There are so many benefits to being a member and we're just getting started! As a charter member, you can look forward to...

  • Daily Inspiration & Support
  • Weekly LIVE Workshops* 
  • Weekly Meditations
  • Monthly Group Readings & Soul Coaching
  • Moon rituals, special events, life-changing challenges, and other seasonal surprises!

*All LIVE workshops and meditations are recorded, so you can access them 24/7.


All rates are locked in forever. You will never be charged more, even as more content is added and rates go up for new members! 

Enchanted Empath Community is here for you and was created with affordability in mind so that more people can participate in developing their amazing gifts consistently. However, if you don't fall in love, you can cancel your membership at any time. No questions asked.

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